Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First Post and Welcome

I felt it was about time that I got off my butt and created a proper first posting for my blog, so, here goes.

This is my first ever blog, so I guess that makes me a late bloomer of sorts. I read a wide assortment of blogs for both business and pleasure, and have watched the politics, technologies and adoption of blogging unfold for several years now. Maybe I'm trying to give something back or maybe I'd just like to say my piece, we'll see where this takes me.

Technology has been a lifelong thing for me, and I enjoy it as much today as when my Dad first borrowed a Timex-Sinclair for a weekend and let me play some of the games it came with. It currently pays the bills, in the form of my job as VP of Technology for an investment services firm, and playing Battlefield 2 or Doom 3 has kept me up past my bedtime on more than one occasion.

My interests cut a pretty wide swath, from "corporate" IT to web development and on into electronics, audio, music, and photography, so expect a wide variety of topics from me!


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